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I get it ! I was shamed and discounted by doctors, even colleagues, and significant problems were missed in my health for 15 years. THAT is why I dug in to become an expert in Functional Medicine, hormones and DNA. I can help you figure it out, too! 

Do you KNOW that something is not right with your body, mind or spirit, but you can't figure it out? 

Not only was my body sabotaging my progress, but my perfectionism and extreme yang energy was too. The certifications I've received have helped me transform the self-sabotage, into consistency without perfectionism. I can help you, too 

I did too!! My DNA is stacked with some of the most challenging genetic variations that were wreaking havoc with my vitality. However, when I did my DNA test, I got answers, and I've been in control ever since. I'm ready to help you gain control, and not waste another precious moment of your life in worry.

Do you feel like you're a victim to your genetics or just sick of your soul-draining symptoms?

Are you feeling sabotaged every time you try and make a wellness goal to support your body, mind, or spirt?  





You can                    the power of Epigenetics & Functional Medicine to

You can harness the
Epigenetics &
Functional Medicine to




How much money have you spent or time waisted, going from doc-doc, buying more pills, and trying new plans, to get over your chronic health challenges?

You deserve REAL answers! While some women may not be able to jump in and pay for one-on-one coaching for 6 -12 months, they still need help!! Thus, I've created a 12 week group coaching program, to help you optimize your hormone hormones, your DNA expression and  aging.

I use the same tools and diagnostic testing that I provide my one-on-one clients, yet in a close group setting, 
Regain Your Vitality once and for all!

This life-changing experience includes
  • Private Facebook group 
  • VOXER access to get your questions answers Monday - Friday
  • Live Q & A sessions weekly to review lesson questions and labs test results
  • Audio and PDF files
  • Free Buddy Pass 

Group Coaching

Lori finlay services

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Crack the code to your health challenges. Are your days, your dreams, your mood, and your energy being hijacked by health challenges?

If you feel trapped in a body that is not working, there is most likely a physiological issue at the root cause!! A pill for an ill approach, like you get with a 15 minute doctor visit will NOT help you!! I can. 
Cutting edge testing and in-depth digging for answers. 

After carefully listening to your symptoms, I dig in with cutting-edge diagnostic testing and precise recommendations based on your results, combined with supportive tools to help you own your power and Create the Vitality You Crave!


Lori finlay services

Hormonal E-Book

uncover hormonal harmony

The game-changing eBook crafted for women dedicated to                           their health.

More than a mere guide, it's a comprehensive resource armed with potent strategies for restoring hormonal balance naturally. Unlike traditional treatments, it targets root causes, not just symptoms, making hormone health more achievable. Empowered by a holistic approach that prioritizes dietary and lifestyle adjustments over costly therapies, you'll unlock sustainable improvements.

who've revitalized their lives with Hormonal Harmony, embracing newfound energy, vitality, and equilibrium.                                   of your well-being now by signing up for your complimentary copy.



Seize control


It could be overwhelming OR it could be EMPOWERING!

Daily exhaustion & frustrated wellness goals 

Dead end diagnoses, doctor visits and a bunch of Rx drugs 

Stuck in the same old life-sucking habits

Freedom to escape your own bad DNA

Vitality to do the things YOU want to do

Daily habits that Enliven you! 

You could live your life from a place of...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Health Coaching?

Can I do coaching sessions with Lori without doing the testing?

What does a consultation involve?

How can I tell if you're a good fit?

Coaching is a longer relationship designed to empower, inspire, and motivate you to transform your health and implement the recommendations to optimize your DNA and Vitality. I teach you actual skills and provide tools for you to quickly incorporate healthy creator habits into your life.

Absolutely! The diagnostic tests can fine tune the coaching or make it “bio-individualized”. However, we can make significant impact in your vitality with exploring your health history. I used a detailed body, mind, spirit approach to healing and address diet, lifestyle, environmental, relational, spiritual, and family of origin issues that may be impacting your health. Then, I provide you with tools & support to conquer it all so you have the freedom to express yourself and create the life you want.

What is Functional Health Coaching?

Can I do coaching sessions with Lori without doing the testing?

What does a consultation involve?

How can I tell if you're a good fit?

What is Functional Health Coaching?

Can I do coaching sessions with Lori without doing the testing?

What does a consultation involve?

How can I tell if you're a good fit?

A consultation is a one-time 60–90-minute session where together we review your Test results and come up with a plan for you to move forward integrate recommendations to optimize your health. I spend 60-90 minutes before our session review your health questionnaire & test results, and then include a detailed email with follow up after our session. 


"Since following her advice for the last three months, I am enjoying seven to eight hours of sleep. I’ve started to dream again, which hasn’t happened in at least seven years. I have more energy & I’m starting to lose some of the excess weight. I can literally feel my body respond to stress differently as well and my skin conditions are improving."

"I can’t thank Lori enough for her expertise and her care. Now, I feel like my mid-life doesn’t need to be a crisis- It can be a celebration!"

"Incredibly, Lori has taken me to the root of every symptom. She embodies the teacher’s heart, continually educating & guiding me. My mindset has shifted to embrace food as medicine, movement as a gift, & meditation as healing. She gives me tools to create my best life. She is the teacher who appeared when I was ready."

ALISON-Blackfoot, ID

"I have marveled & wondered at the depth of her knowledge equally balanced by her passion for supporting me in living true to the health and vitality."

"After being brushed off by doctors and specialists – Lori listened. She treated me as a whole and unique individual ~ not a list of symptoms. She is compassionate & totally invested in helping her clients heal & enjoy a healthy & vibrant life on every level."

"Lori is highly knowledgeable in women’s health. She understands that wellness includes many things - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual."


"I've tried very hard to stay from the "fad" diets out there so I'm always looking for help. Immediately, I loved how positive & encouraging Lori was. She's very informal, which put me at ease, & she knows a lot about epigenetics, which added to my knowledge. I really appreciate having someone back up what I've already learned & encourage me with definite goals and tasks."

Celeste- springville, ut

"She's very clear and concise & encouraging in our conversations. I’m already noticing an improvement in my sleep, too!"

"In Aug. 2011, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, stage 4. The initial prognosis was very bleak & I immediately knew that I not only needed a top-notch medical team, but an integrated health team as well. I turned to Lori & she responded with empathy & direction..she created a comprehensive, personalized support plan, which included positive reinforcement & consistent follow up.  I can never be cured & I will be managing this disease for years to come, but with Lori on this journey with me I see a life of fulfillment & vitality."

nancy- ATL.

"Lori’s approach is an integrated whole body & mind approach that exudes energy, exercises positive thinking, & includes comprehensive nutritionals & follow-up."

"The first time I heard Lori speak on hormonal issues, the light bulb went off immediately. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 18 months ago and every time I mentioned the severity of my symptoms during my cycle to my medical advisors, it was dismissed. After hearing Lori’s lecture and taking advantage of her coaching skills, I feel like I am moving in a better direction. I now have control of my condition, not the other way around."

vicki- new jersey

"I now have control of my condition,
not the other way around."

"This time last year I was a wreck. I was exhausted feeling all of the time and in bad moods for no reason. I started having night sweats and hot flashes. By fate I met you. Once we determined my hormonal needs and added the appropriate herbal formulations, I quickly began to feel like my normal energetic self again! My focus and memory is back to normal, the hot flashes and night sweats have stopped. I sleep better than I have in many years. I just turned 50 and I feel like I am 30!!! Thanks so much for all of your help!!"


"Was exhausted, bad moods…
Now I have my energetic self back!!"

Lori has been a keynote speaker for

Keynote Speaker

Lori finlay

Lori has been called a woman’s mind and body “tune up” specialist . She has helped guide countless women by sharing sound advice on living fit and staying healthy in mind, body, and attitude. Lori teaches women how to successfully recapture their Vitality while gracefully fulfilling their lives. She streamlines through the barrage of information on health and wellness so they can spend their time on getting healthy—while sparing countless innocent partners and children from the “collateral damage.”
Whether coaching one-on-one, facilitating groups or working with seminar participants, her clients have recaptured their sanity, lowered their stress and revitalized their lives. The results are dramatic and lifestyle altering. Clients are then free to be their best selves.

Lori is straight talking, humorous, and enjoys sharing a wealth of sound health information. She is

 a compassionate coach & speaker whose singular passion is that individuals enjoy Vitality to live meaningful, passionate lives expressing their authentic gifts and purposes

Lori’s favorite topics includes:
-Optimizing health down to the DNA level
-Hormone balancing at its best
-Tapping into the powers of Creation and Epigenetics to sustain vitality
-Gender related health issues – i.e. Women and heart disease
-Balancing masculine and feminine energy

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Impressive base of knowledge, Lori is a credit to the NP profession.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Where has she been hiding? Fabulous presentation for all learning types, male & female, medical & non-medical audience.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Lori’s program was empowering and fascinating. She has given me wonderful insights and tools to use.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I found Lori to be the quintessential blend of teacher and presenter. Her tenacious appetite for learning keeps her topics relative, relatable and shareable."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Lori is an engaging speaker with an important message of health that can benefit any who listen.”


“Lori’s information on the gender differences really opened my eyes. Her presentation really gave me reason to think and reflect."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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