Meet Lori Finlay Hamilton


Today, at 63, I'm healthier and happier, stronger, and more svelte than I was at 43. However, these are comments I heard along my healing journey -

       “Lori is the sickest, healthiest person I’ve ever met.”

When I heard this comment from my loved ones, my heart sank – even they didn’t understand how sick I was, how gross I felt or how to support me.
     “Your bloodwork is all within normal limits.” “Your symptoms             appear to be all in your head.” “How much time do you spend            on  the internet researching your symptoms?” shamed my doctors.

When I heard these comments from my doctors, even colleagues, too boot, I wondered how on earth my girlfriends, who did not have medical backgrounds were getting answers? How on earth were they being treated by medical providers?

I knew intuitively that there was something wrong! I bet you do too!! I intuitively knew that our bodies are designed to heal. However, the toolbox I had as a western trained Adult Nurse Practitioner did not provide the answers.

I spent 20 years in sickness industry, and now 20 years to studying, certifying, and digging into heavy duty science to understand functional medicine – the study of the ROOT cause of disease.

When I finally was introduced to the mind-blowing study of Epigenetics, I had hope. Experts have shown that even our DNA can be dramatically affected by the lifestyle choices we make, by our thoughts, by our environment, by our emotions and by the self-loving things we do to heal ourselves. This is the study of Epigenetics! I learned that I have so much more power of my destiny and my vitality. We all have so much more control over our vitality than we imagine!! For me, my healing journey took a pivotal turn in the Vitality direction when I finally did a DNA test and realized how I could tap into the power of Epigenetics to heal my body, mind, AND spirit!

My birth mother died at the of 25, when I was 2 years, 1 week old. 

She most likely had the same genetic variation that I finally discovered that was wreaking havoc with my health. If I could heal from my long healing journey to recreate Vitality after 15 years of Chronic Fatigue, Premature Menopause, Black Mold Toxicity, Epstein Barre, PTSD, an abusive childhood of constant shaming, and more, I know you can too. I have tools, wisdom that comes only from personal perspective, and years of study & certifications to support you with bio-individualized answers and wellness coaching.

You do NOT have to be stuck in Dis-ease with a bunch of prescription drugs. You do NOT have to believe the negative labels, diagnoses or even prognoses that are given to you. What if just changing your thoughts could change the expression of your DNA? 

What if simply tweaking a few simple things in your daily routine could turn on good healthy genes and turn off the ones wreaking havoc? It’s possible! I’ve done it.

You can harness the power of Epigenetics & Functional Medicine to Create the Vitality YOU Crave! If you’d like to begin your Vitality journey and crush your old life-sucking patterns, beliefs, and symptoms, click here to get started.

fun facts

fun facts


I'm a grammy to  7 amazing, adorable & oh so delightful Grandkids! 


I'm a flute player, choir director, & got to sing with Gladys Knight at the Hollywood Bowl.


I love West Coast Swing & lose control on the dance floor, particularly if it's Michael Jackson.


I love pilates, my peloton, kayaking, sailing and any outdoor activity that allows me to express my energy.


I love to garden, cook beautiful healthy foods,
decorate homes, and create stellar days!


I knew in my mid 30's that I wanted to transition from sickness medicine, to helping women optimize their health & vitality, thus my own coaching, consulting, speaking practice was born. 

Founded Women, Wisdom & Wellness, Inc


I had the exquisite gift of studying and certifying with Dr. Joseph Collins, formulator of Douglas Labs amazing hormone nutritional formulations. This changed the trajectory of my career.

Functional Health Hormone Certification


I thrived in my role as a Nurse Practitioner, able to care of my patients in the highest level. Supporting my patients from hospitalization, to discharge and routine wellness visits was so fulfilling! 

Post Grad. Adult Nurse Practitioner 


My work as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist and Clinical Faculty member at the Univeristy of Utah School of Nursing. Both gave me the opportunity to impact patient care at a profound level. 

Master of Science in Nursing 


In 2015, Lori began studying Epigentics with Smart DNA of Australia and continues her studies with Dr. Ben Lynch 



Lori began using Precision Analytical's DUTCH test in 2018, and rejoices how this test is transforming women's health!



Lori spent 2021 studying to become a Certified Creation Coach, to support her clients to stop the sabotaging habits and harness the power of Creation principles!  

Founded Women, Wisdom & Wellness, Inc


  • Freedom from life-sucking symptoms 
  • Freedom from self-limiting beliefs
  • Freedom to choose your healing journey


Core Values

  • Vitality to learn and grow
  • Vitality to create your wildest dreams
  • Vitality to explore


Core Values

  • To own your part in our partnership called “your healing journey” 
  • To follow through on what I promise 


Core Values


"Since following her advice for the last three months, I am enjoying seven to eight hours of sleep. I’ve started to dream again, which hasn’t happened in at least seven years. I have more energy & I’m starting to lose some of the excess weight. I can literally feel my body respond to stress differently as well and my skin conditions are improving."

"I can’t thank Lori enough for her expertise and her care. Now, I feel like my mid-life doesn’t need to be a crisis- It can be a celebration!"

"Incredibly, Lori has taken me to the root of every symptom. She embodies the teacher’s heart, continually educating & guiding me. My mindset has shifted to embrace food as medicine, movement as a gift, & meditation as healing. She gives me tools to create my best life. She is the teacher who appeared when I was ready."

ALISON-Blackfoot, ID

"I have marveled & wondered at the depth of her knowledge equally balanced by her passion for supporting me in living true to the health and vitality."

"After being brushed off by doctors and specialists – Lori listened. She treated me as a whole and unique individual ~ not a list of symptoms. She is compassionate & totally invested in helping her clients heal & enjoy a healthy & vibrant life on every level."

"Lori is highly knowledgeable in women’s health. She understands that wellness includes many things - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual."


"I've tried very hard to stay from the "fad" diets out there so I'm always looking for help. Immediately, I loved how positive & encouraging Lori was. She's very informal, which put me at ease, & she knows a lot about epigenetics, which added to my knowledge. I really appreciate having someone back up what I've already learned & encourage me with definite goals and tasks."

Celeste- springville, ut

"She's very clear and concise & encouraging in our conversations. I’m already noticing an improvement in my sleep, too!"

"In Aug. 2011, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, stage 4. The initial prognosis was very bleak & I immediately knew that I not only needed a top-notch medical team, but an integrated health team as well. I turned to Lori & she responded with empathy & direction..she created a comprehensive, personalized support plan, which included positive reinforcement & consistent follow up.  I can never be cured & I will be managing this disease for years to come, but with Lori on this journey with me I see a life of fulfillment & vitality."

nancy- ATL.

"Lori’s approach is an integrated whole body & mind approach that exudes energy, exercises positive thinking, & includes comprehensive nutritionals & follow-up."

"The first time I heard Lori speak on hormonal issues, the light bulb went off immediately. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 18 months ago and every time I mentioned the severity of my symptoms during my cycle to my medical advisors, it was dismissed. After hearing Lori’s lecture and taking advantage of her coaching skills, I feel like I am moving in a better direction. I now have control of my condition, not the other way around."

vicki- new jersey

"I now have control of my condition,
not the other way around."

"This time last year I was a wreck. I was exhausted feeling all of the time and in bad moods for no reason. I started having night sweats and hot flashes. By fate I met you. Once we determined my hormonal needs and added the appropriate herbal formulations, I quickly began to feel like my normal energetic self again! My focus and memory is back to normal, the hot flashes and night sweats have stopped. I sleep better than I have in many years. I just turned 50 and I feel like I am 30!!! Thanks so much for all of your help!!"


"Was exhausted, bad moods…
Now I have my energetic self back!!"

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