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Have you ever wondered what diet or exercise is best for YOU? Understanding your own DNA can help put YOU in the drivers seat with your health. Stop the guessing, with bio-individualized answers through doing your own DNA testing. The DNA Company is one of the best DNA companies reports that I have found. You can order your test kit here.

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This test is one that I recommend for all of my clients, and highlighted on the webinar.

DUTCH Plus Testing

After studying Glutathione for over 15 years, this is still the #1 product that I recommend, and trust.

CellGevity Glutathione Support

After drinking green drinks for nearly 2 decades, Michty Maca® Plus, is my very favorite!! 

Mighty Maca

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This Free Quiz was created to help you gain clarity about some of your most aggravating symptoms and to help you get on your healthy hormone path.

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