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Lori is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach & Creation Coach who specializes in getting to the root cause of your symptoms

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Here we are, at the beginning of another year. Yes, we’ve had some tough times in the past 2 years, as a whole. However, for me, 2021 was one of the best years of my life – because of Brooke Snow’s Creation Coach School

Hands Planting The Seedlings Into The Ground

I’m an NP. I’m a health coach. I already had a lot of really great daily habits. However, something really called to me when I heard about Brooke’s course. I’ve studied the power of Intention / Creation with some of the best in the world, yet the Creation Course was one of the MOST transformative programs I’ve ever done- and I’ve done a lot.  

I chose to do the Creation Coach school because I have loved how beautifully Brooke weaves truth from many sources, beautiful self-improvement principles & the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that I’ve never heard or witnessed before. I wanted to really master the principles of creation (some call intention) that I have studied and do that with a group of like-minded, like-spirited people who want to resonate at a higher level. 

I wanted to have Serenity, in my bones, day in and day out, regardless of what is going on in the world or in the lives of those around me. Ah, what a powerful time to do this, right. I journaled about what my future self would look like in January of 2021 and was brought to tears when I read it again at the end of October. The new daily fundamentals that I integrated into my life, day in and day out, week in and week out – WORKED!! I am a new woman on so many levels. The changes have been profound. I really am astounded that I feel Serenity in my bones!! 

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve had New Years’ resolutions year after year, that I, like many, did not keep long term. I had the education, I had the motivation, I just did not have the tools to create a consistent pattern that turned into a long-term habit. This course changed everything. 

I have struggled with perfectionism in the past, and ya know that makes one very exhausted. In this Course I powerfully created new habits and better yet, “floors and ceilings” for each area of my life, to support consistency without beating myself up if I was not perfect for a day. After all, life and circumstances do throw us curve balls some days, and Perfection is just not attainable here and now. 

The way I interact with myself, the way I interact with others, and the way I interact with the world have all transformed to a new level because of Brooke Snow’s Creation Course. The ability to powerfully create my day and end my day–each day– in a more powerful way is a trajectory changer for me and my life. 

If you want to take your life to a new level. If you REALLY want this year to be the year that you transform your life, then I invite you to take a look at this course. This year, you can do it at your own pace, and you get a buddy pass when you join. (In other words, you can gift the tuition or split it). I promise it will be the best $ you will spend this year. I will be a mentor in this year’s program and would love to be the one that supports you to Create the Life and Vitality that You Crave. 

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