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Supporting you to optimize your vitality, with healthy diet and lifestyle choices, is my passion!

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Lori is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach & Creation Coach who specializes in getting to the root cause of your symptoms

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Stress is a ubiquitous aspect of modern life, and its impact on our health, particularly on our cardiovascular system, cannot be overstated. In this blog post, we will explore the intricate connection between stress and heart health, delving into the cascade of physiological responses, hormone imbalances, and weight gain that contribute to heart disease, specifically […]

Women are NOT small men- even when it comes to the pathophysiology (disease process) of heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD). In this blog, we are going to discuss more about the differing disease process for women. This sneaky condition of small vessel disease (SVCD) impacts tiny arteries throughout the body, particularly hitting hard on […]

In the intricate tapestry of our physiological functions, hormones play a pivotal role in maintaining overall health. Among them, estrogen stands out as a hormone with profound implications for cardiovascular well-being. Whereas it’s Heart Health Month, and I am passionate about this topic after decades of experience in the field of cardiology, as a bedside […]

On New Year’s Day, I was notified that a girlfriend of mine suffered a massive heart attack on Dec. 28th. She was in severe cardiogenic shock, requiring the heart-lung (ECMO) machine for two weeks, a mechanical ventilator for three weeks, dialysis, and has had strokes as well. While she is slowly recovery from this major […]

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