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When I teach women about “Owning their Hormonal Power”, I start with our God-given power to heal our bodies, through the magic of Epigenetics. But what is that and how does it impact your hormones? Today, I am going to dig into that with more details to make sense of it, so you know what you can do to get out of life-sucking symptoms of hormonal chaos and into hormonal harmony.

First, in a nutshell – “Epi” means on top of. Epigenetics is like a volume control for our genes. While our DNA provides the instruction manual for our bodies, epigenetics determines which parts of that manual get read and acted upon. It’s influenced by things like our environment, lifestyle, and experiences, and it can have a big impact on our health and well-being. In simpler terms, epigenetics shows us that our genes aren’t our destiny – we have the power to turn them up or down, depending on how we live our lives.

Unveiling the Epigenetic Marvel

In fact, here’s an impressive quote from Margaret Smith, a PhD geneticist from Australia revealing just how much power we do have to impact our genes.

“All the latest findings about genes, the ability to influence them and, sometimes to repair damage to them, constitute clear irrefutable scientific proof that HOW we live, HOW we deal with our experiences, WHAT we believe and the LIFESTYLE WE CHOOSE can have a real and lasting impact on our genetic make-up. NO longer are we the passive recipients of the destiny it might well have once mapped out for us, and hard-wired into us. Instead, we can have significant input into how healthy our genes will end up being.” (Caps added by the author).

You may want to read that again- we have that much power to impact our genes.

The Genes of Healthy Hormones

Now, there are specific genes that directly impact hormone metabolism that I can track regularly on the DUTCH test. Again, it’s not the GENE per se that I’m seeing (that’s the internal wiring) but it’s the expression of the gene that I can clearly see on the DUTCH test.
Genes related to Phase 1, and Phase 2 (Methylation) liver function are critical to healthy hormones. Optimizing Phase 1 liver metabolism is critical for the proper metabolism of estrogens. There are three pathways that hormones can metabolize down. Hydroxylation (OH) is the fancy name. Two hydroxylation (2-OH) is the healthy pathway, 16-OH, and 4-OH are the two dangerous pathways that are linked to hormone-related cancers like breast, ovarian, and prostate. And, you guessed it – we can either make these pathways work better, or worse, depending on our diet and lifestyle. That my friends, is the power of Epigenetics!

The Dance of Diet and Lifestyle

The chemistry of our blood isn’t just a passive observer – it’s the maestro, directing the genetic orchestra with each morsel we consume and every toxin we encounter.  In fact, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. considered the Godfather of Epigenetics stated in a lecture I attended in Aug. of 2019

  • “We are a SKIN-COVERED Petri Dish – your fate is controlled by what’s in the Petri dish!! “
  • “The chemistry of the blood determines the expression of the genetics”
  • “If you change the chemistry of the blood and the genetics then you change the behavior of the cell”
  • “Your thoughts are converted into the chemistry that controls your biology”

Read those again, too.

When we nourish ourselves with whole, nutrient-dense foods, we’re not just fueling our bodies; we’re sculpting our genetic destiny. And when we choose to surround ourselves with toxins and processed junk, we’re conducting a discordant symphony that reverberates through our genes, setting the stage for disease and imbalance. 

Dodging Toxins

Xenoestrogens, those sneaky imposters or foreign man-made estrogens lurking in our everyday products, are like rogue notes in our genetic symphony, throwing off the delicate balance of our hormonal harmony. Those same toxins are what ramp up the nasty 16-OH and 4-OH pathways that cause DNA damage and hormone-related cancers. But fear not, for armed with knowledge and awareness, we can cleanse our “Petri dish” and restore harmony within.

By adding lots of cruciferous veggies, with their amazing indole-3-carbioles (I-C3’s) that improve hydroxylation, green drinks, Resveratrol, and curcumin you can dramatically upregulate or improve the genetic expression of your hormone metabolism. Yes, you have that kind of power. I’ve seen women completely shift the trajectory of their hormone metabolism in 90 days with diet and lifestyle!

Stress: The Silent Gene Saboteur

Ah, stress – the silent saboteur of our genetic symphony. Not only does stress throw off the balance of Progesterone and Estrogen, causing the plethora of wicked symptoms of Estrogen Dominance, but it’s even more widespread than that. Dr. Lipton reminds us that “Your thoughts are converted into chemistry that controls your biology.” Each worry, each anxious thought, sends ripples through our biochemical milieu, shaping the expression of our genes and sculpting our physiological landscape. But just as stress can wield its power for harm, so too can we harness the healing potential of relaxation and mindfulness, transforming our thoughts into melodies of peace and harmony.

Empowering Ourselves Through Epigenetics

In the grand tapestry of life, epigenetics offers us a canvas upon which to create our own level of Vitality. By embracing wholesome nutrition, dodging environmental toxins, and mastering the art of stress-busting, we can own our power to shape our genetic and hormonal expression with each conscious choice.

Final Notes

So there you have it, friends – the awe-inspiring saga of epigenetics and its profound influence on our lives. As we navigate the twists and turns of this remarkable journey, let’s remember that the power to shape our genetic destiny lies within our grasp. So let’s raise our glasses (or kale smoothies) to the boundless potential that awaits us, and let’s seize the reins of our genetic destiny with courage, wisdom, and grace. Here’s to unlocking our God-given epigenetic powers, owning our hormonal power, and living our best lives yet!

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