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Supporting you to optimize your vitality, with healthy diet and lifestyle choices, is my passion!

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Lori is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach & Creation Coach who specializes in getting to the root cause of your symptoms

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Headaches, especially migraines, can be profoundly influenced by hormonal fluctuations. Two critical aspects of hormonal imbalance that can contribute to headaches are estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. This blog will delve into how these imbalances cause headaches and provide recommendations to help alleviate the symptoms.Even if you do not experience hormonal headaches or migraines, I […]

When I teach women about “Owning their Hormonal Power”, I start with our God-given power to heal our bodies, through the magic of Epigenetics. But what is that and how does it impact your hormones? Today, I am going to dig into that with more details to make sense of it, so you know what […]

Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, I see women, as early as early 40’s whose hormones are very low- all of them, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, too. Unfortunately, their hormonal complaints have been dismissed and often mistreated – with Testosterone often being neglected altogether. Fortunately, for me, my hormone levels are optimal, producing the stamina […]

In our modern world, we are subject to a plethora of things, on a daily basis, that may be clogging up our endocrine engine/system. As a result, we may be left symptomatic and at high risk for the disease at worse, and feeling less than vital at best. The list of nasty vitality robbing substances […]

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