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Breast cancer continues to be a pervasive concern, in fact, women’s #1 health concern. The walks, the talks, and the focus have been on cancer awareness. However, I feel it’s time for us to be shifting our focus and energy to breast health awareness! In last week’s article, I compared the various breast cancer screening methods out there- the conventional and the not-so-conventional, even the new. In today’s blog, I am focusing on prevention and what tests are available for you to ensure breast health through functional health testing.

Understanding the Basics of Breast Health

When it comes to breast health, it’s not merely a matter of physical well-being but also a profound concern that touches upon our emotional and psychological equilibrium. The statistics surrounding breast cancer are a stark reminder of the importance of taking control of our health – on a body, mind, and spirit level. Prevention is the linchpin in this scenario.

Preventing breast diseases isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. It encompasses a complex blend of lifestyle choices, regular screenings, and staying informed about personal risk factors. But there’s an exciting new approach on the horizon – functional health testing.

Demystifying Functional Health Testing

Functional health testing is a revolutionary approach to healthcare that transcends the conventional methods of disease detection. It delves into the intricate details of your unique genetic and hormonal makeup, providing a personalized, precise, and preventive path to health.

Functional health testing focuses on the functioning of your body, with a keen eye on genetic and hormonal aspects. This deep dive into the root causes of health issues opens the door to more targeted preventive strategies and early intervention.

My own hormone health crashed at the age of 42. I went through the scary ride of discovering two breast lumps at age 54. It was functional health testing that helped me take control of not just my breast health, but my entire body!

The Unveiling of DNA Testing

DNA testing forms the cornerstone of functional health testing. It’s the compass that helps us navigate the labyrinth of our genetic code, pinpointing specific markers associated with various health conditions, including breast diseases. This personalized insight is invaluable as it allows us to comprehend our genetic predispositions.

With that said, the MD Anderson Cancer Center published a report in 2008 revealing that a mere 5-10% of cancers were caused by bad genes. Hmmm? Then why would I say DNA testing is so important?

Well, certain genetic mutations (we refer to them as SNP’s -pronounced “snips”) can increase your risk of disease. But, that’s the exciting and empowering part of getting your DNA test done – you know, and you can now compensate for the mutation.

The BRCA gene
Many of you have heard of gene mutations like BRCA1 and BRCA2 because of Angelina Jolie, who had a bilateral mastectomy in May of 2013. Remember, she made the front of Time magazine because of this. What the media did not teach is that the BRCA gene actually stands for BReast CAancer tumor suppressor gene. Yes, you see, it doesn’t cause breast cancer if you have the BRCA gene. We all have the BRCA gene. It’s if you have an SNP or a mutation that causes this suppressor gene to function at 60% or 30% effectiveness, leaving it less able to suppress tumors. And, here’s the rub: even if we have been blessed with both copies of the BRCA gene from our parents, our diet and lifestyle can make these health “clean genes dirty,” as Dr. Ben Lynch says.

Other important genes

When I do DNA testing with clients, I can help them see other genes that may potentially put them at higher risk for cancers – some of which are SNP’S associated with hormone metabolism, such as Methylation and Glutathione pathways. Toxic estrogens (of which I’ve written extensively about) must be cleared from our liver via Glutathione and Methylation pathways.  Mutations in these pathways are more common than you think.

Diet and lifestyle can, of course, help these genes work better (“clean” them up, as Dr. Lynch says) or shut them down (make them “dirty”). For instance, if you consume alcohol, your Glutathione supply must first detoxify the alcohol before it will detox the toxic, cancer-causing, xenoestrogens. It takes 4-6 hours to break down alcohol, so those toxins are floating around for a long time before Glutathione is freed up to detoxify them.

Again, by doing DNA testing, I can help women see if they have normal healthy wiring or DNA sequencing, and if not, teach them how to compensate by diet and supplementation if need be.

Now, the cool thing… I can also see evidence of these genetic risks on the DUTCH test, even if a woman has not had a DNA test, so let me tell you about this amazing test.

The Comprehensive DUTCH Test

While DNA testing provides a robust foundation for assessing genetic risk factors, it’s only part of the equation. The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) test takes functional health testing to the next level by scrutinizing hormone levels, hormone metabolism, and the role that adrenal function adds to the story, too. 

The beauty of using this comprehensive test, using urine and saliva testing, done in the privacy of your own home, is that you also get several measurements in one day. And you can test metabolites. Metabolites tell us in more detail how your body is using the various chemical messengers that we call hormones. I can see clear evidence of your Glutathione or Methylation pathways on the DUTCH test. I can see if these pathways are clearing your toxic estrogens or not, but the measurement of various estrogen metabolites (2-OH-, 16-OH, or 4-OH).  These markers have been associated with a dramatic increase in the risk of breast cancer.

When I can show a client that the combination of her diet, lifestyle, and perhaps genetic wiring are shuttling her estrogens down an unhealthy pathway, now she can actually do something about it. In fact, do something about it years before a lump develops!!! That’s the power of getting to the root cause. That’s the power of functional medicine. That’s the power of prevention!

The DUTCH test is done in the convenience of your own home. You can learn more about it here under testing. If you choose to get a test done, you can use my discount code of LDF100 to get $100 off the test. Reach out to me and schedule a free discovery call if you need to

In Conclusion

Breast health is not merely a concern; it’s a profound priority for women. Prevention takes center stage. Functional health testing, encompassing DNA testing and the DUTCH test, empowers us to take charge of our breast health proactively. By uncovering genetic markers and hormonal imbalances, these tests provide personalized insights that steer us toward effective prevention and early intervention strategies. When combined with a healthful lifestyle and dietary choices, functional health testing becomes a potent instrument in safeguarding breast health. In a world where prevention is the best medicine, functional health testing emerges as a guiding light for nurturing breast health and overall well-being.

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