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In our modern world, we are surrounded in Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). We have

  • TV’s, speakers, gaming consoles, controllers
  • Dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers
  • WiFi routers, Computers, Tablets, Mobile phones & Cordless phones
  • Bluetooth devices – air pods, fitness trackers, keyboards, wireless mice, printers, baby monitors
  • Amazon Echo or Alexa enabled devices to tie everything together
  • There are “smart homes” & entire cities that are “smart cities”

Certainly, these devices have made our lives so convenient, yet at what cost? 

Dr. Joseph Mercola, in his landmark book EMF’D goes into significant depth on the science of EMF’s and how they impact our health, and the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing EMF’s. You can see his book for the details, but here’s the summary – ionizing EMF’s, like X-ray’s, pass through every, single, tissue in your body! These ionizing frequencies “Knock electrons out of the orbit of atoms and turn them into destructive ions that can create damaging free radicals.” What does that mean–it means they damage your DNA! But, non ionizing EMF’s are also dangerous, especially with prolonged exposure. Most of the devices that I mentioned in the bullets above are non-ionizing. So, what is the cost of the long-term exposure to these non-ionizing EMF’s? It’s huge!! 

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. And, according to Dr. Mercola, if you are a ‘carb burner’, meaning that you have a high carb diet, then the impact of EMF’s are even worse, as the EMF’s will cause even more oxidative free radicals.   

Here’s just a short list of the some of the major health issues associated with EMF’s

  • Autism
    • Particularly those with a genetic variation (SNP) of CANA1C
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic headaches/migraines
  • Digestion issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Insomnia
  • Infertility
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Mood disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Behavioral problems in children
    • Depression
    • Hyperactivity

And more!

Again, EMF’D goes into significant details on the pathophysiology (disease process) that you can dig into, but I want to leave you with simple tips to reduce your EMF exposure. 

First, I must pause and address a big issue in our world today – carrying our mobile devices in our pockets!!! While these handy dandy pockets are great for your keys, there is mounting evidence that these EMF’s are causing direct impact to the tissues located near the device. For instance, sperm quality is dramatically and directly impacted in men who put cell phones in their pockets.  Additionally, there is evidence that cell phones may also contribute to neuromas and other brain tumors.  

Recently I received a catalog in the mail from a favorite athletic company. To my utter horror, they are promoting sports bras with pockets in them for mobile phones!!! Apparently these manufacturers have NOT done their homework and are not concerned about your breast health! Do you think there might be a risk for wearing your cell phones in your bra? YES!!! Please DO NOT wear your cell phones in your bras!  While there have been no specific scientific studies yet related to cell phones in the bra and breast cancer, if you read Mercola’s book you will absolutely NEVER want to wear your phone on your body, unless it’s in airplane mode.

Here’s a few quotes from some prominent breast surgeons “Until further data either supports it or disproves it, I would keep cell phones away from the body, in particular the breasts,” adds Dr. June Chen, a Breast Cancer Radiologist. “It’s as simple as that and it might save a life it might avoid a mastectomy, chemotherapy, it’s easy enough to do, why take a chance?” West said. “If there is a risk and we don’t find out about it for five or ten years from now, we’re going to see a whole cluster of young people with breast cancer.”  

Yes, I love the pockets in my yoga pants. Yet, I’ve instinctively known and practiced for years putting my phone in airplane mode before I put it next to my body. I well remember the days when we could go for a walk and NOT have immediate access to everyone. Taking time to be present and notice the birds singing is a great practice. Mindful walking is soothing to the soul! Yes, I also love podcasts but it take minimal time to download the podcast, instead of having it streaming. 

Simple actions to cut your EMF exposure

NOTE- I get that these can be inconvenient or even a bit challenging. Yet, these are suggestions to optimize your DNA, and you still get to choose:

  • Put your phone in airplane mode when it’s not in use
  • Turn off your WiFi
  • Keep your laptop away from your body – at least 20 cm
  • Get an ethernet cable or LAN connection for your computer vs. WiFi
    • In our home, the WiFi is only on when we use the Peloton, then it goes off again.
  • Leave the room when a microwave oven is in use
  • Used wired headphones instead of Bluetooth earbuds
  • Try some grounding Essential oils

Breast cancer is on the rise. It’s multifactoral indeed. Proper protection from EMF’s will certainly support your breast health! If you’d like more cutting-edge information on how to protect your breast health, watch my Breast Health Awareness Webinar while it’s still free. And, one more thing, please share this with your girlfriends, your daughters, your nieces or any other woman you’d like to protect.

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